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Since its beginnings, the restaurant is renowned for ajmoht with žganci (chicken stew with buckwheat spoonbread), ričet (barley and bean stew with smoked ham), and jota (Istrian stew). During winter, we are known far and wide for our fresh pork meat and sausages, blood sausages, Slovene pork sausages, smoked cooked sausages, and smoked pork ribs, as well as other homemade delicacies. As a side dish, you can choose between sauerkraut, turnips, žganci (buckwheat spoonbread), matevž (puréed beans with cracklings), and the almost forgotten šara (vegetable stew).

During spring and summer, we prepare light dishes, such as various salad and vegetable plates, pastas and štruklji (filled dough rolls). As desserts, we recommend a wide variety of homemade delicacies: apple strudel, štruklji (tarragon, cheese, walnut, pumpkin, apple), potica (nut roll with walnut, tarragon, pumpkin, cracklings), curd cheese cake with raspberries, and a chestnut slice in the autumn.

You can choose from a wide variety of starters, stews, soups, à la carte dishes, fresh pork meat and sausages, and lunch menus. Our menu changes with the seasons, and we prepare a special offer for every season.