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The modern-equipped Cocktail Bar Roky on the lower floor of Restaurant Dobnikar opened in February 2007. The bar welcomes all connoisseurs of excellent cocktails, offering over 80 different cocktails, both classic and Rok’s own creations. The latter includes the outstanding long drink Green Story, which helped Rok earn the title of 2006 National Champion, and propelled him to the top 6 finalists in the World Championship in Greece!

The bar with 30 seats is perfect for closed events, various celebrations, and receptions, since the bar is designed for flair bartending. If you are interested in professional cocktail mixing, tastes of classis mixed drinks, such as Martini, Bronx, Negron, and other award-winning cocktails, head on to Katarina, to Cocktail Bar Roky (Restaurant Dobnikar) and order your favourite.

Visit us at Cocktail Bar Roky to arrange anything you need. Reserve a table or the full bar for a birthday party or a seminar held by your company or association, where you can plan and fulfil your mission in peace with a slide show. Per your request, we can prepare various cocktails and animation programmes.